Relocation Application

For Self-Managed Relocations to Australia
Moving2plan is The Essential Online Tool For Self-Tracking Relocations From Start to Finish

Moving2plan guides relocatees step-by-step through all their tasks so they can pace themselves and make sure nothing is forgotten. Users can display tasks by time-frame or category, and obtain reliable, objective information for all their needs – from accommodation and transport, to medical services and schooling. If they have further questions, extra help is just one click away.

Moving2plan users receive:-

    • Online step-by-step guidance from our tailored application based on the user’s timings
    • Personalised task lists based on users’ information
    • Full access to task functionality, and extensive library resource, expert tools and tips
    • Single point of access for all their task lists, notes, and information
    • Professional advice as needed

All the information is regularly updated and checked for accuracy. If users cannot find the information that are looking for they can contact us, and we will find the answers they need.

Great application thanks! The detail is good and it’s very useful to track my tasks. I really like the tool that shows tasks for the next couple of days.
- F Barton, New Zealand

Once Their Account Is Activated Users Will Have Access To: