There Are Many Companies Supporting Relocatees to Australia
- How Will Yours Stand Out?

Moving2plan offers our clients a way to stand out from their competition with our comprehensive, cost-effective, easy-to-use online application.

Moving2plan clients can add extra value to their services with our sophisticated application.

Our clients receive:-

Branded application
Administrator portal
Customisation options
Priority technical support
Competitive pricing


Ease of Use

The last thing you or your users need is another complicated piece of software. Whether it’s creating reports, sorting tasks or searching for information Moving2plan is intuitive, organised, and user-friendly. If a task prompts a user to do something, the library will explain how, and why they need to do it. Tasks and information are closely linked and all answers are easy to find. Whether your users are using the full task functionality or just the information portal, menus, links and editing options are clearly displayed.


Proprietary Software

Based on Wendy Jenkin’s experience managing Shell Australia’s relocations, Moving2plan has been designed and built form the ground up with one purpose in mind – to make relocations straightforward. The interactive reports automatically update when users change information (like arrival and departure dates) and show them all the things they need. Bulk-editing for customised applications is easy because we know how useful users find taking care of a whole section of their relocation.



Relocations are stressful, and mistakes can be costly if your users leave tasks too late – or don’t know about them until their departure. Moving2plan is the self-guided version of a top-shelf full-service relocation – without the price tag. Our online Information Portal alone is invaluable – your users don’t need to spend hours searching for answers and checking those answers for accuracy. If they can’t find the answer within Moving2plan they can just contact us, and we will respond with the answer they are looking for. Your users will save hours of time and stress.


Technical Support

We provide ongoing support and training for administrators as well as priority support for our clients. Administrators also have access to a comprehensive step-by-step manual which covers everything they need to know. Application users are also supported and their technical or relocation-based questions are answered promptly.

Whether you provide the full online relocation tool, or the alternative information portal,
Moving2plan offers users an exceptionally smooth relocation and settlement experience,
And saves them time and money.

Great find! Great tool! Great support! But honestly this was a wonderfully helpful service and in our budget too.
- G Morris, USA

I recommend Moving2plan as it has helped me learn about moving to Australia. Wendy always replies quick to my emails which is also good.
- R Barbosa, Portugal